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S.N. Topic
22. What is Ethernet?
21. Why is the video router used at the Television Station?
20. Why is television broadcast video frame rate 25 or 30?
19. Symbol rate, Bandwidth and Bit rate definition and conversion of each other’s.
18. Why Digital Modulation?
17. Microphone sensitivity, frequency response charts and Compression between dynamic and condenser microphones.
16. Audio Phase Cancellation problem
15. Time Code Overview for Audio and Video
14. Production Lighting Technique
13. Calculation of audio and video file size (un-compressed)
12. Beacon Frequency and it’s list
11. Spectrum Analyzer and its usage
10. Definition of azimuth, elevation and it’s calculation
9. Video Bandwidth and definition
8. About space segment, ground segment equipment and free space for a satellite communication
7. Chroma Sub-Sampling Ratio (j:a:b)
6. What does PAL (Phase Alternating Line) mean? Why do some countries have different video system?
5. Earth-station antenna and single beam antenna types
4. Some Specification of DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-T
3. Sun outage, Causes and prediction
2. Why up-link frequency is always greater than downlink frequency?
1. Genlock (Generator Lock)

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