Earth Station Technology

Symbol rate, Bandwidth and Bit rate definition and conversion of each other’s.

Symbol rate: In Digital Communication, the symbol rate means that the changes of symbol per second (signaling events or waveform changes) through a digital modulated signal transmission path. Symbol rate is indicate by symbols/second or baud (Bd) units. Bandwidth: Bandwidth is often used as a synonym of data transfer rate. Moving data from one point […]

Why Digital Modulation?

The digital modulation step gives the ability to provide more relevant information related to the source data. In keeping with the digital information services, higher data security, better quality communication and faster system availability are the key responsibilities of digital modulation. The Developers who observe some limitations on the communication system which are: ► Available […]

Beacon Frequency and it’s list

Beacon Frequency Beacon frequency is a unique unmodulated carrier frequency which transmitted by the satellite for ground segment equipment. This beacon frequency list will help someone to track these satellites for any downlink/uplink purpose. Antenna tracking is not so easy without beacon frequency. Most of the people are tracking their necessary satellite with respect to others TV channel downlink frequency. But this […]

Spectrum Analyzer and its usage

Spectrum Analyzer A spectrum analyzer is an instrument that shows signal strength (amplitude) as it varies by signal frequency. The frequency comes on the horizontal axis, and the amplitude is displayed on the vertical axis. Applications of Spectrum Analyzer Measurement of Harmonic Distortion Analysis of Pulse Modulated Signal Abnormal Oscillation in an Oscillator etc. Occupied […]

Space segment, Ground segment equipment and free space of a satellite communication

□ Space segment  equipment of a satellite communication The space segment is the entire satellite system which is rotating around the earth in its geostationary orbit. And it consists of the satellite which has major two subsystems – i). The Antenna ii). Communication Repeater The main frequency of the antenna is to provide shaped uplink and […]

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