Production Lighting Technique

Lighting technique is a vital fact for professional video or image production. It represents the thought of the film producer and makes the production alive. But for the realistic production, there are some techniques for professional lighting system.

If light is projected directly to the in front of the object, it will show flat and low video/photo depth. To increase the video or picture quality, there are main three types of lighting technique.

  1. Key light
  2. Fill light
  3. Back light

Along with these three lighting technique, there are some additional technique to solve the situational hazard. Background light technique is one of the most popular additional production lighting techniques.

Key light

Key light is the major light for production. If there is only one light in the production field, it will be the key light. Basically key light is used to increase the brightness of the targeted object. Key light is placed in the left or right side, at 30° – 60° angle with the object.


Fill light

Fill light recover the shadow of the object which is created by the key light. It is placed in the opposite side of the key light, at 30° – 60° angle with the object. Normally one major fact for the fill light is the intensity of fill light will be the half of key light.

In case of unavailability of the half intensity fill light, one technique may apply. The equal intensity fill light can be projected to a reflector to the opposite direction of the object and the reflected light can enlighten the object with the approximate less intensity of the key light.

Back light

Mainly backlight is used for removing the shadow of the object or the background. When only the key and fill light are present, then there a shadow on the top of the object and on the background. To remove these shadows, back light is used. Generally backlight is placed at the back top of the object.

When the background is the major part of the production, then the additional background light is used to make the video lively. It is the additional part of the fill light. It removes the shadow and haziness of the background.

For the professional production key light is 50%, fill light is 30% and the rest 20% are the combination of back light and background light. So always keep an eye to the key light.

Happy Production……..!

Updated: June 13, 2019 — 2:00 PM

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